4 Stone Buildings comes highly recommended for its company offering. It houses a formidable bench of leading barristers who are sought after by top City firms to advise in connection with large-scale matters. Members of chambers are instructed in all manner of issue in the company law field, and have a particularly pronounced reputation for their litigious capabilities. Recent significant work includes a role in Koza Ltd v Akcil, a high-profile claim against the Turkish State with major company law implications. Members also retain involvement in Autonomy v Dr Michael Lynch, major litigation born out of the acquisition of Autonomy by Hewlett-Packard. Clients say: “4 Stone Buildings is very highly rated for lots of things, not least company law. They have standout performers in this area that are a match for anyone.”

Client service: “The clerks are extremely helpful, friendly and nice to deal with.” “The clerks are very good. They’re easy to deal with, they answer the phone quickly and they always find me someone suitable and available.” David Goddard is the senior clerk.

George Bompas QC
Regularly instructed in high-profile company disputes, he is particularly active in international jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Singapore and the Caribbean. Solicitors call on him for his skills in both advisory and contentious work. He displays particular strength in cases concerning contractual interpretations, shareholder disputes and corporate reorganisations.
Strengths: “He has an amazing ability to assimilate and digest a large amount of factual information and distil it to its core issues. George anticipates the implications of the point before most people have even grasped it.”
Recent work: Acted for the Registrar of Companies in the case of Wembley Ltd & Sutton Ltd v Registrar of Companies. This was heard in the Court of Appeal of the Eastern Caribbean and made new law there on issues relating to the transparency of share ownership.

John Brisby QC
Highly respected silk who handles a range of company work, including cases heard before offshore courts. He is experienced in issues such as shareholder disputes, reductions of capital and schemes of arrangement, and regularly acts in proceedings in the Chancery Division and Commercial Court. He is experienced in proceedings before courts in the BVI, the Caymans and Gibraltar.
Strengths: “A good technical lawyer who’s incredibly passionate about the client’s case and always strategically thinks of a way around a problem.”
Recent work: Represented the shareholders of UNILAD in seeking to restrain the sale of the company’s assets and business to close competitor LadBible.

Jonathan Crow QC
Enjoys a leading position at the forefront of the Chancery Bar, and earns widespread acclaim for his litigation skills. He is regularly instructed in a full range of company, commercial and public law cases, and is a regular in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. He is often involved in proceedings in a number of foreign jurisdictions, including the BVI, the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong. Recent activity includes a leading role in heavyweight shareholder disputes and directors’ disqualification matters.
Strengths: “He has an intellectual elegance and a diamond-like mind which he combines with good people skills. He can render a morass of complexities into simple language that is appreciated by both the client and the court.”
Recent work: Acted in Koza v Akcil, a claim against the Turkish state with significant company law issues, as well as related human rights and public policy matters.

Robert Miles QC
A premier advocate with outstanding skills in corporate, financial and commercial disputes. He has an unrivalled wealth of expertise in company and corporate insolvency work, and has made notable appearances in litigation concerning Lehman Brothers, Maxwell, Bernie Madoff and Greek sovereign debt restructuring. Miles also serves as a deputy High Court judge.
Strengths: “Robert is a top-quality silk. His judgement and his ability to hold a courtroom spellbound really impress. He is the kind of leader that can be looked up to.”
Recent work: Acted in Autonomy v Michael Lynch, significant proceedings arising out of the acquisition of Autonomy by Hewlett-Packard. The claim is for USD5 billion.

Richard Hill QC
An established practitioner with an excellent reputation for large and complex disputes, particularly with regard to City-based litigation. He regularly takes instructions in banking, commercial, company and insolvency disputes. Hill possesses additional expertise in the representation of bond trustees and bondholders in securities and other capital markets litigation.
Strengths: “He is very able, smart, responsive and commercial. Richard is well liked by a lot of clients.”
Recent work: Acted in Autonomy v Michael Lynch, significant litigation arising out of the acquisition of Autonomy by Hewlett-Packard.

Andrew de Mestre QC
A new silk with a strong reputation in a broad range of company-related litigation matters, who has particular skill in disputes concerning securitisation transactions and bond issues. He is also notably experienced in unfair prejudice petitions and shareholder disputes. De Mestre frequently represents investment banks, corporate trustees, issuers and bondholders.
Strengths: “A consummate team player who doesn’t miss a thing.”
Recent work: Acted in Singularis Holdings Limited v Daiwa Capital Markets Europe, a claim to recover USD204 million. The case concerned issues regarding the circumstances in which a director or shareholder must have regard to the interests of creditors.

Christopher Harrison
An experienced senior junior who advises on company, civil fraud, finance and insolvency matters. He is well regarded for his handling of big-ticket claims, particularly shareholder disputes, and regularly tackles large cross-border matters, particularly those involving the Caribbean and CIS regions.
Strengths: “Very bright, strategic in his thinking, collaborative and good on the detail. He fully understands the nuances of a case.”
Recent work: Acted in a follow-up to a shareholder remedy claim in relation to a hotel business.

Paul Greenwood
Handles a range of complex company cases as part of his wider commercial chancery practice, and has niche skill in disputes concerning artworks. He is adept at handling disputes with cross-border and insolvency elements.
Strengths: “Articulate, diligent, knowledgeable and someone who speaks his mind.” “He doesn’t prejudge anything and is very analytical in breaking down what the problem is in a case.”
Recent work: Successfully appeared in Technical Building Design Limited,a trial concerning an unfair prejudice petition between two brothers who were opposing shareholders. The case concerned a company which operates a substantial building business in the South East of England.

Hermann Boeddinghaus
Has a focus on corporate and commercial disputes, and has appeared in the Chancery Division, the Commercial Court and a range of international arbitration tribunals. He is experienced in the representation of leading banks, FTSE 100 companies and entrepreneurs, and is frequently instructed in shareholder claims.
Strengths: “Very approachable and thorough. He became an integrated member of the team and handled a difficult matter carefully and smoothly.”
Recent work: Represented CDCH in a shareholder dispute concerning Canouan Resorts Development.

Gregory Denton-Cox
Highly respected barrister with a broad commercial chancery practice. He is particularly active in shareholder, director and investor disputes, and also has recognised skills in civil fraud, banking disputes and wider commercial litigation.
Strengths: “Very hard-working, bright and user-friendly. He’s fantastic, and great to work with.”
Recent work: Acted for a shareholder in a joint venture company incorporated in Singapore. The case concerned a purported exercise by the other shareholder of an option over the company’s principal asset.

Sharif Shivji
An impressive senior junior who is often instructed in high-value shareholder disputes and financial services-related claims, where he often acts without a leader. His technical expertise is bolstered by prior experience as a derivatives trader, which he applies to a range of banking and insolvency law matters.
Strengths: “He’s technically adept, a very good strategist and someone who is easy to work with.”
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in Ben Oldman Special Situations Fund v Karver Investments, litigation arising out of claims of breach of fiduciary duty and other company law issues.

Tiran Nersessian
Well-regarded junior with a burgeoning reputation in company law, as a part of his broader commercial and insolvency practice. Noted for his strong advocacy, he is regularly instructed, by both private and government clients, to assist in matters involving directors’ disqualification, directors’ duties and public interest petitions against companies.
Strengths: “Tiran is an excellent barrister. He’s thorough, knowledgeable, excellent on his feet and good to deal with.”
Recent work: Instructed to advise the Competition and Markets Authority with respect to 21st Century Fox’s proposed takeover of Sky. His advice included an analysis of the company law implications of the proposed takeover.

Alastair Tomson
Enjoys a busy commercial chancery practice, as part of which he regularly handles contentious and non-contentious company work. His areas of expertise include acting in unfair prejudice petitions, both for respondents and petitioners, and advising on transactional work. He regularly acts unled.
Strengths: “His examination skills are second to none, and he’s very commercial. He’s superb.”
Recent work: Represented Unitech in connection with the enforcement of an arbitral award arising from the financing of a very significant property transaction in India.

Tom Gentleman
Has a specialism in shareholder disputes and directors’ disqualification, and regularly appears in High Court disputes as well as arbitrations, often acting unled. He is also experienced in cross-border and international disputes, particularly those with proceedings in the Cayman Islands, the BVI and Bermuda.
Strengths: “Tom is a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive, able to turn around good work quickly and is someone with a good sense of the client’s needs.”
Recent work: Acted for the defendants in a complex shareholder dispute regarding Greenbox Recycling. The case involved alleged breaches of directors’ duties and diversion of business.

Donald Lilly
Experienced junior with a deep knowledge of litigious company cases, most notably shareholder disputes. Regularly appears unled in court proceedings, and demonstrates strong expertise in matters concerning derivative claims.
Strengths: “He displays incredible attention to detail and knows what the issues are very early on.”
Recent work: Acted on behalf of the respondents to a Section 994 petition concerning numerous claims of unfair prejudice in connection with the Compound Photonics Group.

James Knott
Handles a range of company, insolvency and commercial litigation cases. He takes instructions in non-contentious matters as well as disputes, and is experienced in Companies Court and High Court claims. Areas of notable strength include unfair prejudice cases, derivative actions and matters concerning breaches of fiduciary duty.
Strengths: “Absolutely brilliant. He picks up issues quickly, he has an excellent commercial sense and he advises the client sensibly.”
Recent work: Continued to act for Global Energy Horizons Corporation, as the claimant, with regard to ongoing valuation exercises in litigation arising out of claims of breach of fiduciary duty.