“4 Stone Building is “consistently strong at company and general chancery matters.” The set houses “real prestige silks” who are “as good as you’ll find anywhere,” and also has a strong bench of juniors. Its members handle the full spectrum of company law work, from reorganisations of capital to shareholders’ disputes, such that for many clients there is “no reason to look outside of them”.”

George Bompas QC:
“Regularly instructed in high-profile company disputes, he is particularly active in international jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Cayman Islands and Trinidad. He has an amazing ability to assimilate and digest a large amount of factual information and distil this to its core issues. He anticipates the implications of the point before most people have even grasped the point.”

John Brisby QC:
“Adept and respected silk who handles a range of company work. He is experienced in issues such as shareholder disputes, reductions of capital and schemes of arrangement. He is a great choice for offshore work; he’s a good team leader, and a courteous and skilful advocate who is well received in the BVI Commercial Court.”

Robert Miles QC:
“Has an outstanding reputation at the Bar, particularly in connection with financial, commercial and corporate matters. He is regarded as one of the best litigators in the area and is regularly called upon to handle billion-pound disputes. At the top of his game. He’s quite outstanding and exceptionally clever.”

Jonathan Crow QC:
“Widely regarded as one of the pre-eminent silks of the Chancery Bar. He is regularly instructed in company, commercial and public law cases and is a regular in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. He is a very effective advocate; his thoughts are very well marshalled and he is very direct and gets to the point quickly. He is a fantastic advocate who goes down extremely well with Caribbean judges.”

Richard Hill QC:
“An established practitioner with an excellent reputation for large and complex disputes. He takes instructions on banking, commercial, company and insolvency disputes. He provides a really clear strategy straight from the outset.”