“4 Stone Buildings is a popular choice for those seeking a rounded and holistic legal offering, as it has barristers with extensive commercial experience who are equally conversant in the finer points of banking, company and insolvency law. Its members regularly represent clients before the full range of regulatory bodies including the RDC and the FSMT.”

George Bompas QC:
“Renowned for the quality of his representation in court, and is particularly praised for his cross-examination technique. His strong performances are supported by a comprehensive knowledge of the regulations, and he has particular experience in working for international clients in Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. A brilliant guiding light providing strategy and valuable expertise. He is calm and measured and should come with the warning: ‘Opposition beware’. He is bright, commercial and solutions-focused.”

Jonathan Crow QC:
“An increasingly major figure on the financial services scene thanks to his widely perceived excellence in both written and courtroom advocacy, deep knowledge of the intricacies of the subject and broad base of experience in commercial litigation and public law. Absolutely stellar. His opinions are clear, incisive and well reasoned. People assume that they’re right just because they come from him. He’s intellectually brilliant and manages to make complicated issues seem unbelievably simple and straightforward.”