“4 Stone Buildings has a breadth of expertise that enables its members to pick up many of the most prestigious fraud instructions. A force to be reckoned with in related areas such as trusts and insolvency, it regularly secures instructions with an international flavour, and has members who are highly adept at worldwide asset tracing and recovery. Testament to its pedigree in this area it has, over the years, been involved in such celebrated cases as Guinness, Polly Peck, BCCI, Maxwell, Enron and Madoff.”

John Brisby QC:
“An experienced silk who has taken on hefty fraud cases both at home and in many offshore jurisdictions including the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Guernsey and the Bahamas. He has an impressive eye for detail and really scoured the papers. He was an extremely effective advocate on his feet, and very good at reading his audience and understanding the judge.”

Robert Miles QC:
“Handles the most serious civil fraud and asset recovery cases, and is one of the most celebrated barristers at today’s commercial chancery Bar. Leading instructing solicitors constantly seek out his services and he has been in some headline-making cases such as Equitable Life, Lehman Brothers and MF Global. What’s really nice about him is how down-to-earth and user-friendly he is, notwithstanding his stellar reputation. Robert Miles is a star of the Bar who combines fantastic technical ability, strategic judgement and user-friendliness with powerful and incisive advocacy. He is full of ideas and inspires huge confidence in clients”

Jonathan Crow QC:
“An experienced advocate whose fraud work forms part of a wider company, commercial and public law practice. Jonathan Crow QC is a great wordsmith and delightful to work with.”

Richard Hill QC:
“A junior silk with a reputation for producing robust advocacy in civil fraud disputes. He has particular expertise in City-based litigation and has handled some headline-grabbing cases such as Meridien Constantin v Bernie Ecclestone. He’s very bright and quick to grasp an issue. He’s easy to work with and he has a very good track record.”

Orlando Fraser QC:
“Handles leading fraud cases as part of a domestic and international commercial chancery caseload. He is noted for his cross-examination and negotiation skills. Orlando is an excellent silk who turns work around quickly and is a very reliable sounding.”