4 Stone Buildings is ‘an excellent set of chambers containing extremely good lawyers’. It provides ‘consistently high standards of work’ to a broad range of clients. Many of the set’s juniors sit on Attorney General’s panels.

Jonathan Crow QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He couples clarity of expression with genuine charm.’ Ranked: tier 2

Robert Miles QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He has absolute intellect, impresses with his clarity of expression and is very good on his feet.’ Ranked: tier 2

John Brisby QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He combines good technical knowledge with his litigator instincts to good effect – he is a compelling advocate.’ Ranked: tier 3

George Bompas QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He is thorough, knowledgeable, conscientious and listens attentively.’ Ranked: tier 5

Andrew de Mestre – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Completely reliable, attentive and to the point.’ Ranked: tier 3

Christopher Harrison – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A talented advocate, who is very astute strategically and extremely good with clients.’ Ranked: tier 4

Sharif Shivji – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Very intelligent and analytical, and good under pressure.’ Ranked: tier 4

Anna Markham – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Hardworking, incredibly organised and gets the job done.’ Ranked: tier 5

Hermann Boeddinghaus – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Highly commercial and responsive.’ Ranked: tier 5

Nicholas Cox – 4 Stone Buildings ‘An experienced advocate and go-to lawyer for a range of public bodies.’ Ranked: tier 5

Sarah Harman – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A knowledgeable and tenacious advocate.’ Ranked: tier 5

Tiran Nersessian – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Effectively combines great intellectual vigour with case strategy, and adapts well to clients’ demands.’ Ranked: tier 5