4 Stone Buildings has ‘a strong history of general commercial expertise and some very able junior counsel, who are leaders in their fields’. George Bompas QC was instructed by the claimant in high-value case Windward Prospects v Sequana, which was part of a complex multi-jurisdictional dispute.

George Bompas QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He is precise and astute, providing technically correct, but commercial advice.’ Ranked: tier 1

John Brisby QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He has a phenomenal grasp of complex details and deploys this at the key moment of a hearing.’ Ranked: tier 1

Jonathan Crow QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Aside from his obvious intellect, he has an ability to see tactically all the way through to a cleverly crafted result.’ Ranked: tier 1

Robert Miles QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘When you instruct him, you can always be confident that your opponent won’t have anyone brighter.’ Ranked: tier 1

Richard Hill QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He stands out due to his advocacy skills, and leaves no stone unturned in preparation.’ Ranked: tier 2

Sarah Harman – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Recommended for her knowledge and tenacity. Ranked: tier 4

Christopher Harrison – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He gets straight to the key points yet still has a fantastic grasp of the details. Ranked: tier 1

Jonathan Brettler – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Very competent.’ Ranked: tier 4

Paul Greenwood – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Recommended for complex shareholder disputes. Ranked: tier 3

Hermann Boeddinghaus – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Very good attention to detail, legal knowledge and commercial nous. Ranked: tier 4

Sharif Shivji – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Hardworking and respectful – it is a tremendous learning experience working with such a brilliant mind. Ranked: tier 3

Alastair Tomson – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A well-rounded, high-level junior, and a very quick thinker, who is never short of ideas.’ Ranked: tier 4