Litigation in the Time of Covid-19

The e-book contains extensive analysis into the key issues arising out of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the latest legal developments, in contract, corporate insolvency, personal insolvency, company law (including directors’ duties), banking and financial services, civil procedure and offshore litigation.

The ninth edition has been brought fully up to date to reflect the most recent developments in each section and is due to be published in hard copy.

The e-book is a live publication and is being updated regularly to cover new authorities and legislation. Updates to the e-book will be posted to this website, although if you would like to receive new editions as they are released, please email us at

The publication is now organised into numbered paragraphs, addressing separate questions and answers to provide readers with a clear, comprehensive guide to the key legal questions arising in the current climate.

The e-book is a collaborative project of the members of 4 Stone Buildings. Members are experts in the fields of practice covered by the e-book.