4 Stone Buildings publishes third edition of ‘Litigation in the Time of Covid-19′

July 9, 2020

4 Stone Buildings has published the third edition of its free-to-download e-book entitled “Litigation in the Time of Covid-19: Legal issues in commerce, finance and insolvency”.

The e-book contains extensive analysis into the key issues arising out of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the latest legal developments, in contract, corporate insolvency, personal insolvency, company law (including directors’ duties) and civil procedure. The third edition includes an entirely new section on banking and financial services, as well as a section concerning offshore jurisdictions. This latter section currently addresses issues arising in relation to Bermuda and the DIFC; later editions will also include an offshore section on the BVI.

The e-book is a live publication and is being updated regularly to cover new authorities and legislation. Future editions will cover further topics, such as financial services law and other issues relating to commercial law and litigation. Updates to the e-book will be posted to this website.

The publication is organised into separate questions and answers to provide readers with a clear, comprehensive guide to the key legal questions arising in the current climate.

The e-book is a collaborative project of the members of 4 Stone Buildings. Members are experts in the fields of practice covered by the e-book.