Mini Pupillage

Although Chambers has had to suspend its usual “in-person” mini-pupillage programme in the light of the Coronavirus epidemic, we are keen to provide as much assistance as possible to those who wish to gain an insight into life at the commercial/chancery Bar and, in particular, to those who are considering applying to 4 Stone Buildings in the current 2021 pupillage application round which will close in February 2021.

If you have not yet done a mini-pupillage at 4 Stone Buildings and would like to know more about us and our pupillage process, there are a number of ways we can help.

First, members of Chambers will be attending all of the major virtual pupillage fairs taking place in November 2020 including BPP (on 19 November) and the National Pupillage Fair (on 28 November). Please come and find us in our virtual booth.

Second, our pupillage team in Chambers can arrange for anyone thinking of applying in 2021 to speak to members of Chambers by phone or video conference if prospective applicants would prefer a one-to-one discussion. Please email for more information and to arrange a discussion.

Third, we are establishing a virtual mini-pupillage which will last for one day during which the mini-pupil will be able to discuss pupillage with junior members as well as being introduced to the work done in Chambers. Numbers for this will be limited and the programme will initially be open to those intending to apply for pupillage in 2021 pupillage application round. Please email for more information.


There is both work and accommodation for new members, and our general policy is to have 2 pupils each year and to recruit each of those pupils who meets the required standard. We are committed to the Equality Code for the Bar. We believe that it is important for all pupils to see as much as possible of the different kinds of work in Chambers. This enables pupils to judge whether our work suits them, and enables different members of Chambers to assess the pupils. Each pupil therefore normally sits with, and does work for, more than one pupil supervisor in any six months. If another member of Chambers has a particularly interesting case in Court, a pupil will be encouraged to work and attend Court with him or her.

Candidates are expected to have first class, or good second class degrees (though not necessarily in law). But mere intellectual ability is only part of it: a successful candidate must have the confidence and ambition to succeed, the common sense to recognise the practical advice a client really needs, and the ability to get on well with clients, solicitors and other members of Chambers – and with the Clerks.

Further information regarding pupillage at 4 Stone Buildings can be found in the Pupillage Guide. For the Pupillage year commencing in October 2022, applications should be made through the Pupillage Gateway.