Crypto Assets & Cyber Fraud

4 Stone Buildings has long been a leading set in banking and finance, financial services and financial regulation. The FinTech sector is at the nexus of each of these areas, harnessing new technology to disrupt the existing banking and financial services markets.  Chambers has the expertise to advise Fintech companies and their advisors on sector specific issues, as well as the more general commercial considerations facing companies in a fast-paced and high-growth sector.

In addition, the recent growth and volatile nature of cryptoassets has led to an ever-increasing range of disputes regarding cryptocurrencies and cyber fraud.

4 Stone Buildings’ expertise in banking and financial services, civil fraud and general commercial litigation means that our members are well placed to advise on all manner of cryptoasset disputes. In particular, our members can advise on:

  • Applications for freezing injunctions or other interim relief in relation to stolen cryptoassets, including where such applications need to be brought against “Persons Unknown”
  • The treatment of cryptoassets in an insolvency, including the rights of cryptoasset owners in the event of the liquidation of a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Regulatory and compliance matters
  • Tracing claims, including blockchain tracing and related interim applications against third parties
  • Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations

Our members also regularly give talks and presentations regarding the legal issues surrounding cryptoassets.