4 Stone Buildings is ‘a first-class’ commercial Chancery set with ‘superb, in-depth knowledge’ of fraud. Lead roles in major cases such as Pinchuk v Kolomoisky & Bogolyubov, Hewlett-Packard/Autonomy v Dr Michael Lynch, and Ecclestone v HMRC, are reflective of the standing that many members have in the market.

Robert Miles QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He combines fantastic technical ability, strategic judgement and user-friendliness with powerful advocacy.’ Ranked: tier 1

Jonathan Crow QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Probably the most persuasive advocate at the Bar.’Ranked: tier 2

John Brisby QC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A first-class silk with exceptional breadth and depth of knowledge.’ Ranked: tier 2

Christopher Harrison – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Very knowledgeable, with an instinctive understanding of a client’s commercial needs.’ Ranked: tier 2