Terms & conditions

From 31 January 2013, the Bar’s Standard Non-Contractual Terms on which barristers offer their services to solicitors are no longer deemed to be the applicable terms on which instructions from solicitors are accepted. Nevertheless, for the time being Barristers in our Chambers will continue to accept instructions from solicitors and other authorised persons whose regulator is the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority on the same basis as if those Terms (other than terms relating to the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme) continued to apply, rather than on a contractual basis. However, individual Barristers reserve the right to request and to negotiate for contractual terms where thought appropriate in all the circumstances of a particular case.

Client care & complaints

4 Stone Buildings takes pride in the expertise of members and the quality of service – for which Chambers justifiably has a great reputation.  If for any reason you have a concern with Chambers’ service please let us know immediately so that Chambers can discuss it and seek to resolve it.  In accordance with the requirements of the Bar Standard Board’s Handbook (here), there is in place a complaints procedure which explains how Chambers handles complaints and other ways in which you may make a complaint.  A copy of this complaints procedure is available (here)

Diversity data

Chambers publishes diversity data in accordance with paragraph 408(p) of the Code of Conduct.