Hossein Sharafi successful in continuing freezing injunction in support of unfair prejudice petition

March 21, 2022

The High Court has given judgment in Kumar v Sharma [2022] EWHC 612 (Ch), where Hossein Sharafi represented the successful applicant in an application to continue a freezing injunction in support of an unfair prejudice petition. The judgment confirms that the Court has jurisdiction to make a freezing order against an individual respondent to an unfair prejudice petition, departing from the previous decision of the High Court in Re Premier Electronics GB Ltd [2002] BCC 911. The judgment also provides a useful legal guidance as regards:

  1. How standing to present an unfair prejudice petition is determined where a company has no register of members.
  2. The circumstances in which an event causing no financial loss will constitute unfair prejudice.
  3. The extent to which a freezing order should apply to jointly owned assets.

Download the judgment.

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