Commercial Litigation

Legal 500 UK Bar, 2021

4 Stone Buildings is ‘an excellent set with a good balance of silks to juniors’. Clients also note that ‘their barristers do a good deal of actual court work, unlike many’. The set’s background in company law and insolvency matters, has over the past decade blurred into much larger commercial cases. A blockbuster example was Autonomy v Lynch and Hussain, in which Richard Hill QC led Tom Gentleman. The case also involved Robert Miles QC, before he became a judge. Several members, including John Brisby QC and Alastair Tomson, are involved in a dispute concerning the property investor Glenn Maud and the ownership of Santander’s headquarters in Madrid.

  • Jonathan Crow QC (Tier 1 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘One of the very best QCs in London.’
  • John Brisby QC (Tier 2 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Tenacious and a committed dogged advocate for his client’s case, honest in his delivery of advice but always mindful of the client’s wider strategic goals.’
  • George Bompas QC (Tier 3 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Extremely bright, creative, and incisive, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of vast areas of law.’
  • Richard Hill QC (Tier 4 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘An exceptional advocate and star of the bar.’
  • Andrew Clutterbuck QC (Tier 5 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A pleasure to work with and very hardworking – his personality is such that he fits well into a large legal team comprising solicitors and barristers.’
  • Orlando Fraser QC (Tier 6 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘An energetic, committed and very able leading counsel, a great team player and someone who is great fun to work with.’
  • Sharif Shivji QC (2020 silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A first rate barrister who appears in the most substantial matters.’
  • Christopher Harrison (Tier 3 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Very thorough – leaves no stone unturned, also a great thinker out of the box. Always user friendly and equally good with lay clients.’
  • Alexander Cook (Tier 4 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A superb barrister, whom I found very easy to work with. He is quick to pick up on the essentials, the key issues and the details of a matter, his written work is excellent, and he is a strong and determined advocate in Court.’
  • Paul Greenwood (Tier 4 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Incredibly incisive, and an absolutely first-rate lawyer, he is a delight to work with – very pro-active; always ready to help. A fantastic team player and with a very good sense of humour.’
  • Tom Gentleman (Tier 5 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Very good to work with, a good draftsman, and sensible and user friendly.’