Commercial Litigation

Legal 500 UK Bar, 2023

4 Stone Buildings is an ‘outstanding Chancery set‘ which is ‘highly reputable for offshore commercial matters’. Clients note that the ‘juniors, in particular, are of a consistently high calibre‘. Richard Hill KC is leading a large team, including fellow member Andrew de Mestre KC, for the claimants in Travelport and Ors v WEX Inc, concerning two joined claims arising out of WEX’s proposed acquisition of eNett and Optal. Another major mandate has been Faulkner v Vollin Investments Limited, in relation to a dispute between 70 shareholders in a projector technology company and its funder, in which Donald Lilly  and, at an earlier stage, Orlando Fraser KC, represented the respondents.


Tier 1
Jonathan Crow KC –4 Stone Buildings ‘Jonathan is a star of the Bar. He is a formidable charismatic advocate and a ruthless – but charming – cross examiner.’

Tier 2
John Brisby KC –4 Stone Buildings ‘Clever. Gets on well with clients. Works well as part of a team. Really goes into battle as an advocate.’

Tier 3
George Bompas KC –4 Stone Buildings ‘A creative lawyer who is excellent on the law.’

Richard Hill KC –4 Stone Buildings ‘Excellent team leader who is not afraid to get stuck into the details and make his mark on difficult cases; excellent judgement; great courtroom manner which combines forensic precision with a robust approach. Consummate modern advocate.’

Tier 5
Andrew Clutterbuck KC –4 Stone Buildings ‘Andrew has a fantastic, analytical mind, able to deal with the most complicated points. He has a great presence and is very impressive with clients.’

Orlando Fraser KC –4 Stone Buildings ‘Very commercial, easy to deal with, thinks out of the box.’

Tier 6
Andrew De Mestre KC – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Andrew is the go-to counsel for complex, challenging and evidence-intensive cases. His ability to take in and synthesize mountains of information is legendary. Andrew can be relied on to spot the points that others miss.’ 


Tier 2
Christopher Harrison –4 Stone Buildings ‘No-nonsense and clear advice. He doesn’t take bad points and is forensic in his preparation and analysis.’

Tier 3
Alexander Cook –4 Stone Buildings ‘Alex is a dream to work with, combining excellent legal and technical skills with a good dose of common sense. He is good at helping clients find a path through thorny issues, and does not flinch in the face of tricky or unexpected circumstances.’

Tier 4
Tom Gentleman –4 Stone Buildings ‘An excellent junior.’

Paul Greenwood –4 Stone Buildings ‘Excellent analytical skills, tactical awareness and drafting qualities.’

Tier 5
Gregory Denton-Cox –4 Stone Buildings ‘Excellent at assimilating complex facts and distilling them to draw out the main arguments and issues in a case. He is excellent with lay clients in explaining issues and legal principles.’

Donald Lilly  – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Donald is a supremely confident, assured and persuasive advocate who is held in high regard by his peers and the court. His strategic guidance is always on point, his written and oral advice is accurate and compelling, and he always gives commercial and pragmatic advice.’


Emma Horner  – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Emma is terrific to work with. She has a keen eye for detail and works exceptionally hard to know every nook and cranny of a case.’