Company Law

Legal 500 UK Bar, 2021

4 Stone Buildings is ‘a very strong set in the company law area with strong performers across the board.’ Members are well-versed n the spectrum of matters, including M&A, corporate finance, redutions and reorganisations, as well as directors’ duties and shareholders’ rights issues. Jonathan Crow QC continues to go from strength to strength and is instructed by the claimant in Maso Capital Investments Ltd v Shanda Games Ltd, a Privy Council test case concerning the valuation of shares under the Cayman Islands appraisal legislation. John Brisby QC is another big-name litigator and, leading Alexander Cook in Cruz City v Unitech Limited et al, represented Unitech in its enforcement of an arbitral award arising from the financing of a property transaction in India, involving freezing and receivership orders. Sharif Shivji QC was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2020; he appeared in a ten-month trial where he successfully represented Michael Lynch in the fraud case of Autonomy Corporation v Michael Lynch.

  • George Bompas QC (Tier 1 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A very reassuring presence.’
  • John Brisby QC (Tier 1 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Honest in his delivery of advice but always mindful of the client’s wider strategic goals.’
  • Jonathan Crow QC (Tier 1 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Strong advocate, confident, gravitas, great with clients.’
  • Richard Hill QC (Tier 1 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘An exceptional advocate and star of the bar.’
  • Robert Miles QC (Tier 1 Leading silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘A leading company silk.’
  • Andrew de Mestre (2019 Silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Drafts beautifully and works seriously hard. Has real technical strength and excellent judgement.’
  • Sharif Shivji QC (2020 Silks) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Ferociously hard-working.’
  • Christopher Harrison (Tier 1 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Very knowledgeable, great draftsman, very quick, good judgement and so easy to work with.’
  • Gregory Denton-Cox (Tier 2 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘An intellectual superpower.’
  • Paul Greenwood (Tier 3 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He has a calm, down to earth, practical style.’
  • Hermann Boeddinghaus (Tier 3 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Spots the issues early; extremely responsive; pleasant to deal with.’
  • James Knott (Tier 3 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Very easy to work with, thorough and technically brilliant.’
  • Tiran Nersessian (Tier 3 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘His judgement is second to none.’
  • Alexander Cook (Tier 4 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Happy to really get involved in the case and very thorough.’
  • Tom Gentleman (Tier 4 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He is an essential part of the counsel team.’
  • Alastair Tomson (Tier 4 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘He performs exceptionally well and is particularly strong when cross-examining.’
  • Anna Markham (Tier 5 Leading juniors) – 4 Stone Buildings ‘She is a very knowledgeable junior to have on your side.’