Daniel joined Chambers in October 2019 following his pupillage. He is building a practice across the full spectrum of work undertaken by Chambers, including banking and finance, commercial litigation, company and insolvency litigation. He routinely appears in the County Court and the High Court as sole counsel and as a junior.

Before coming to the Bar, Daniel worked as a public sector economist for five years, including working as an Economic Advisor at the Competition and Markets Authority and a Senior Associate in the Financial Conduct Authority. He maintains his interest in cases with an economic or financial element.

Practice areas

Banking & finance

Singularis v Daiwa – A case before the Supreme Court concerning a stockbroker’s breach of the Quincecare duty. As a pupil, Daniel assisted Andrew de Mestre QC who was led by Jonathan Crow QC in preparing the skeleton argument.

Re: Napier Park – A case concerning the construction of a collateralised loan obligation. As a pupil, Daniel assisted Andrew de Mestre QC in drafting a skeleton argument for the Court of Appeal.

Re: A Bank – A potential claim by the liquidators against its former correspondent banking. As a pupil, Daniel supported Andrew de Mestre QC in preparations for this case.

Chancery: commercial

Autonomy v Lynch – The ongoing $5bn fraud claim about the sale of Autonomy plc. As a pupil, Daniel assisted Sharif Shivji in preparing cross-examination of certain witnesses, and researched points of evidence.

ArcelorMittal v Essar Steel – A freezing injunction and associated disclosure orders were obtained against individuals and companies associated with the defandant. As a pupil, Daniel researched the scope of and jurisdictional elements relating to Norwich Pharmacal and search orders for Gregory Denton-Cox

Commercial dispute resolution

Pedriks v Grimaux – Alleged breach of a mediation settlement. As a pupil, Daniel drafted a witness statement and a strike-out application for Donald Lilly.

Re: Lucie-Smith – Alleged breach of fiduciary duty. As a pupil, Daniel drafted a defence for Donald Lilly.

Playboy Club v Banca Nazionale del Lavoro – A claim for deceit against an Italian bank who provided a credit reference to a casino. As a pupil, Daniel assisted Andrew de Mestre QC to prepare for the Costs and Case Management Conference.

Company law

Re: Adlink – Construction of an order following an unfair prejudice petition. As a pupil, Daniel assisted Donald Lilly in drafting a skeleton argument.

Re: A Company – Defence to the claim alleging a share issue was for an improper purpose. As a pupil Daniel assisted in the drafting of a defence for Andrew de Mestre QC.

Re: Patel – A shareholder suing both personally and derivatively alleging improper use of funds. As a pupil, Daniel drafted the defence for Donald Lilly.

Re: Compound Photonics – A s.994 Companies Act petition made by a former director of a technology firm who was dismissed. As a pupil, Daniel assisted Donald Lilly, who was led by Orlando Fraser QC.

POCA work & asset forfeiture

As a pupil to Sharif Shivji, Daniel reviewed a s.298 POCA cash seizure application for Advocate.

Insolvency & restructuring

Re: Paul Baxendale-Walker: As a pupil, Daniel researched the application of privilege to trustees in bankruptcy and assisted Donald Lilly to prepare for a s.303 and a delivery-up application, as well as a subsequent application for a wasted costs order.

Re: Kevin Stanford: A series of applications to stay or set aside a bankruptcy petition and subsequent bankruptcy order. As a pupil, Daniel assisted Gregory Denton-Cox who appeared for an interested third party / supporting creditor.

Re: X: An individual died with ongoing matrimonial proceedings and was subsequently declared bankrupt. As a pupil, Daniel assisted Donald Lilly who appeared before a divisional court consisting of a family and a chancery high court judge.

Offshore litigation

Advice following the Privy Council judgment in Gany v Khan [2018] UKPC 21 concerning the presumption arising from In re Curteis’ Trusts (1872) LR 14 Eq 217. As a pupil, Daniel drafted an opinion for Donald Lilly.

Daniel conducted research into a potential claim in the DIFC concerning conspiracy and breach of fiduciary duty as a pupil for Sharif Shivji.

Daniel researched the scope of the doctrine of ‘just and equitable’ winding up for a potential petition to the Royal Courts of Jersey as a pupil to Gregory Denton-Cox.

Daniel reviewed a solicitor’s draft application for permission to appeal to the Privy Council concerning the scope of ‘forum non conveniens’ in the BVI as a pupil to Sharif Shivji.

Additional info

Career & appointments

2012 – 2014: Fast Stream Economist, Civil Service
2014 – 2016: Economic Advisor, Competition and Markets Authority
2016 – 2017: Senior Associate, Financial Conduct Authority

Member of the Chancery Bar Association

Member of the Commercial Bar Association

Education & awards

BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Balliol College, Oxford University
MSc in Economics, University College London (Distinction)
GDL, University of Law (Distinction)
BPTC, City University

Queen Mother Scholarship, Middle Temple
Harmsworth Entrance Exhibition Award, Middle Temple
David Pearce Scholarship in Economics, UCL