Donald Lilly successful in Domidias Limited and Merbau Synergy Limited: latest in Magomedov saga

March 8, 2024

The Commercial Court (Dame Clare Moulder DBE) has handed down summary judgment in Domidias Limited & Or v Sian Participation Corp. (In Liquidation) & Or [2024] EWHC 458 (Comm) in favour of Domidias Limited (“Domidias”) and Merbau Synergy Limited (“Merbau”), the latest instalment in the litigation being pursued by Mr Ziyavudin Magomedov (a Russian oligarch who was jailed in 2022 for 19 years on fraud and embezzlement charges).

Donald Lilly was alongside CYK’s successful team of Lydia Danon (Partner), Emily Davies (Associate), and Jordan Waldock (Senior Associate) act for Domidias and Merbau together with Blair Leahy KC of 20 Essex St.

The Defendants were also successful in obtaining their costs of the application and the proceedings together with a payment on account. Dame Moulder also refused the Claimants’ request for permission to appeal in respect of the 2012 Option Agreement (the Claimants not electing to seek permission in relation to other aspects of the decision).

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