Webinar: Recognition and Enforcement in Insolvency Proceedings: Onshore & Offshore

May 6, 2022

Join Hamdan Al Shamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants and 4 Stone Buildings for their upcoming webinar: ‘Recognition and Enforcement in Insolvency Proceedings: Onshore & Offshore’ on 12th May, 15:30 GST/ 12:30 GMT

With speakers: Hamdan Alshamsi, Robert Whitehead, Alexander Cook, Zara McGlone and Karl Anderson.

Insolvency proceedings are becoming increasingly important following the Coronavirus pandemic, and the law governing insolvency proceedings in the UAE (both onshore and offshore) is still developing. The purpose of this seminar is to identify the key features of the onshore and offshore insolvency regimes, especially in relation to the rules of recognition of foreign insolvency procedures, where the differences between the two regimes are the most stark.

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